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Greatness in a craft is not given to you but developed over time. Mindkilla as an independent artist has always created artistically and never followed any industry patterns. With an anthology that spans from 2000 which began with Seven Sign Language, Mindkilla’s legacy is cemented within the pantheons of the Hip Hop greats. Everything culminated with GOD Status which was released in 2017 and now with the upcoming project being released in 2023, Mindkilla continues to excel in excellence and with giving his fans what they want. Now available to download under the TIME Tab, witness all of his recordings throughout the years. Whether you post, tag, share or just zone out by yourself or with friends, Mindkilla appreciates all the support and thanks you for your dedication throughout the years.



"Doesn't sound like anybody else, conscious like Lupe Fiasco"

- Chris Carter A&R , Roc-Nation

"got to work on the entire MK new EP ! 
joint is fire ! always dope"

- DJ Direkt of Fast Life Beats

New York City, Mindkilla
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